Mickael et Gabriel  Mickael et Gabriel  Mickael et Gabriel

8 October 1976 - 2011

Mickael et Gabriel, our precious boys
Les 35 ans de Mickael ( 8 October 2011)

Joyeux Anniversaire mon Petit Mickael
I am not going to tell you how much we miss you
And that time does not help as everyone hopes it will
Today is your birthday
And we remember the most beautiful times
We wished you the best
The best…
What were those wishes?
Love success and health
Yes! And our wishes came true
You had a good health and
You did find the love you so much looked for
Success? Who isn’t aware of your brilliant career?
With your spirit
And the enormous time you put to whatever you did
It was impossible not to succeed
Short it was, Yes indeed so short too short
But no, I will not elaborate
Does time really matter?
In your 33 years, you lived more than most
Because you lived fully
Even your exuberance was a delight
A ray of sunshine entering the house
Yes, a bright morning after a rainy day
Nothing was impossible and you proved it
As we all said two years ago
You are probably achieving great things
In your new world
Certainly you are teaching Gabriel
To become better that you are
You both have all the time required
And even if Heaven was a little boring,
With you two, I am sure
that the sweet angels are delighted
to have you two.
It is your spirit Mickael and yours too
Mon ti-bonhomme that soothe our sorrow
So many memories make us laugh
So again and for your 35
even if time has lost its meaning
From all of us, Joyeux Anniversaire
Mon Petit Mickael
Yes, blow the candles
with your so sweet little devil-child
Huge Calinous my Son and mon ti-bonhomme
Et a bientôt
as we can’t wait to see you again soon.

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