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What have we lost and what have we learned?

What have we lost and what have we learned,
We take all with no thought of tomorrow,
To use and abuse till nothing remains,
The future will to bath in our sorrow.

Give me, Give me, is the cry of the day,
With no worry of value or cost,
It matters not when we are through you may say,
No need to deal with the loss.

The future is no concern of mine,
Is what the people believe,
Consume, Consume, there is plenty of time,
Money is what we'll leave.

But what good is the money and all of the gold
Who'll be here to complain of the theft
When the earth has been plundered, raped and sold
And nothing but nothing is left.

What good is a land when it's salty and sand,
Fauna and Flora so rare to be seen
The wind blows across plains trampled by man
Left barren and bare wherever he's been.

A lesson to learn from our past mistakes,
If we listen to the warnings and set aside greed,
To repair the Earth, may not be too late,
If we think of the future and of nature's need.


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