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Van Gogh Les Iris

Music Maker

You filled my world with music and let each note cresses me,
gently rocking me into a fantasia of vibration and moods.

Your song held my hand and felt my presents and together
we saw all the vibrant new and glorious colours of etermity,
drifting into oblivion and loosing ourselves in a sea of sound
that caused the universe to quake with feeling.

We rode on every note to where the masters spent their time.
I saw with my ears and felt with my mind,
moods of raindrops and sunshine,
of love and great despair.

Riding the golden violin strings across the heavens
chasing the elusive rainbow.

For you are the Music Maker
the giver of joy and happiness
and for this you will be truly blessed.

Consider yourself a friend.
So friend I thank you............


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