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Joanne Mitchelson

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OiseauFlow as the Stream (16 July 2007) Oiseau

May our lives flow as the stream my friend,
See it has no concern with what’s ‘round the next bend
The water just trusts it will find the way,
As each new obstacle, in its path does lay.
Under, around, over or through, a new path about,
It creates a waterfall with a joyful shout!
Gently it flows, yet in purpose persistent,
It can take time, or change in an instant.
In trust it pours out, and to flow is to give,
And this is the secret by which we can live.

May you find peace by the stream my friend,
And your worries away with it you may send.
Let its voice soothe your soul and relax your mind,
Solace from it you can find
Food for the soul, listen, ponder, pray,
And enjoying nature’s beauty, found every day!
May we learn from the stream, and not worry so much,
Things always work out for the best, I’ve a hunch.
Like the stream trust the Source, and your life will flow,
It’s such an adventure when you learn to let go!

Let your life flow as the stream.

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