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Christiane Guise

OiseauMickael (8 October 2020)Oiseau

Ah mon Mickael 44 today and I 64 ver soon...
How I would give you my place!
You who wanted so much to live
And enjoy Life
You who had no idea of what I talk
About the absurdity of Life
But it is difficult to life too long my Boy
Even though we have the extraordinary chance
to live in such a beautiful world.

No it is not always Nature who brings suffering
But to often it is human nature
Deliberately, carelessly, or negligently
So little could bring so much joy to millions of people
as Cher wisely says
It is Love and Understanding that this world needs

But those who could give Love don't know how to do it
Others don't see how profound the change will be
Too many simply don't want to or don't care.
Even I do not know any more
and perhaps I do not want to either
What a shame!

"Hey Mum, don't you want to listen to me?
You say you are talking to me but it is only a one way chat
Please listen"
Oh yes I deeply want and need your wisdom My boy
"It is true that I have nothing more to say that you don't know
you don't need to read any more books about wisdom either
You read Mum you read so much now
You read to escape and indeed it is like living other lives in other worlds
But too much is too much
and of course it works less and less
Because you cannot escape reality Mum
The reality is that we all have to leave one day or another
My turn was earlier than expected but I lived well
This is our duty to enjoy life and you are ignoring this for too long
Put back your pink glasses Mum
Yes with them you can't see misery
But do you think that by wearing black glasses
you see the world as it is
Certainly not as you can't see beauty
You know that fear, guilt and regrets are useless.
They are related to the past which can't be changed
Unfortunately, they badly affect the present and the future
and you know that for sure.

Again what matters is present Mum as you always told me
Live it now and forget what tomorrow will bring
Imagine how terrible it would be
if everyone was obsessed by what could happen tomorrow
We are all on the same road Mum
with the ups and downs of Life
You are not the first and will not be the last
Just live and relearn to be a child again
so you can enjoy every moment"
You are so lucky to have so many gifts
a great imagination and above all the ability to hear me"

Yes yes mon Mickael, thanks so so much
and Have a great birthday as you know so well how to party
With our ti-bonhomme makes a big bang in the sky
Of course we all love you forever
So Long my boy so long


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