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Christiane Guise

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OiseauTwo Sons (21 October 2009) Oiseau, French poetry, poem, poetry, poeme, poesie
For Mickael and Francky

Two sons, two wonderful sons!
The eldest on the other side
The youngest even more precious!

With tears in my eyes
I moved away hiding my fear
Hanging to my sorrow!

Such a beautiful day!
The sun shining in the blue sky
A sky so blue... His eyes so blue...

Spring, wonderful Spring
The lilac's scent floats on the garden
Purple violets sleeping...

Purple violets...
Purple, the colour of death
The colour of grief

But it is your birthdays my sons
Even though the eldest has departed
For an unknown destination

My whole being remembers
the tremendous joy of Mickael's birth
On the 8th of October 1976.

But you Francky, my little One, the Youngest
The 21st of October 1978 was as magical
as your brother's birthday.

Live my boy, live as your brother did
Enjoy every precious minute
Live and love, for him, for us

Live for your pretty little Sweetheart
Who knows that life is ephemeral
Oh Yes! she knows it too well
As Mickael's little Princess
Alas discovered it too

Life is so short my little One
Do not waste it.


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