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Christiane Guise

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We don't need much to be happy

Look around, my friend!
The weather left its winter coat
Dame Nature shows her new dress
to the timid sun

Here and there, she sprays
a light of gold, a shade of pink
Breathe, my friend! Breathe
the rosebud, the lily of the valley

Centuries ago, cannons blew in the valley
Humans fell on the green grass
A year ago, the valley was in flame
Land mines are still ticking where children play

But Dame Nature doesn't care
Stoic, she unfolds a new dress every season
No trace of blood on the fresh grass
No cries to disturb the birds’ concert

Look around my friend and see
the myriads of little joys twirling around us
Dry the tears that blind you
Chase memories of sorrow

Live my friend
Live now, just live
The joyous time of spring is full of hope
Listen to the birds and smile

See how humans share love, bread, and sorrow
in a warm bed, around a table,
See my friend how humans care
Yes my friend, humans care

Dame Nature may not wear a new dress next year
Whales are killing themselves on our shores
Birds are deserting the cities
Tomorrow, we may not be

Life is ephemeral and precious My friend
It’s a delicate rose with sharp thorns
Enjoy it with care, and remember
we don’t need much to be happy

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