Mickael et Gabriel
Mickael et Gabriel, our precious boys

Mickael & Gabriel (9 July 2011)

Two years impossible to believe
Two years impossible to bear
Are you not tired of this immense Universe
There aee so many stars to light up
For those who need to see their Love Ones

The stars...
When I look at your faces,
the brightest stars will never shine
as you did

Nothing to say anymore
No words
How many times did we call you?
How many tears have we shed?
I do hear you my boys, Yes I do !
During those fleeting instants I live again

Today the sun rised as it always does
But since the 9th of July 2009
We live in darkness
Give us strength my boys
Give courage to the little princess
you left behind
She has so many years to live
on this wonderful Earth
Show her the path toward the light
Feeling her pain is unbearable

See you soon my boys

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