Francky 1990 Mickael 1990

Francky 21 October 1978 - 2013
Mickael 8 October 1976 - 2013

So real so much alive
You had so much fun
Many fights too...
But brothers in blood
Brothers in soul
You were
What are you doing in your so big Universe Mon Mickael ?
Are you watching over your brother ?
Are you watching over your sweet Nicole ?
Of course you are and your little man too.
Feeling that all is not lost...
That you are both on the other side
Is not enough
As I said last year and will say the next
We miss you...we miss you so so much
But you Mon Francky
You are here !
and the joy to be close by is immense

The joy to see you to hug you to kiss you
Always warms our heavy heart
Take care my boy
And enjoy every minute of your precious life
We love you so much
and we wish you both
Un très Joyeux Anniversaire
Because I am sure that our ti-bonhomme
will make it a very special day for you Mon Mickael

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